Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III, The High End of The Compact is Renewed

Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III, The High End of The Compact is Renewed
Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III, The High End of The Compact is Renewed

Canon has introduced the new queen of its high-end compact camera. As you well know, this range is known as PowerShot -EOS refers to its DSLR range. And the new protagonist that crowns that variety is the Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III. This new model is thinner, less heavy and bets for reflex-type controls and ASP-C sensor.

The Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III is a small camera that does not have interchangeable lenses. In contrast, the included one has three increases (equals 35 mm) with a brightness f 2.8-5.6. Also, the sensor is ASP-C, and the company compares it with that equipped with one of its reflex models, more specifically the EOS 80D. To this sensor must be added the last image processor of the Japanese (DIGIC 7) and the inclusion of a dual-focus Auto Pixel CMOS AF. The latter manages to capture the images quickly and accurately. The company offers the figure of 0.09 seconds, which is not bad at all.

What else can we tell you? Well if you take a look at its design, you can check that we are not before a regular compact camera. Canon has opted to include a distribution of its controls very close to what you could find in your SLR. What’s more, this Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III looks like a small DSLR.
On the other hand, according to the company, this model is 14.8 millimeters thinner than its predecessor, as well as 16% smaller. Meanwhile, in this model have opted to include an OLED viewfinder throughout the center of the body, as well as a touch screen 3 inches fully flip and thus offer more possibilities at the time of the shooting.

Finally, the Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III offers Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC and microHDMI connections. Meanwhile, its rechargeable battery has a range of 200 shots on a single charge. Now, you can reach 250 balls if you use the “ECO” mode. According to the brand explains, this style extends its autonomy by 25% more. According to Canon’s online store, this PowerShot G1 X Mark III would arrive late next month at a price of $ 1,300.



Nowadays when we refer to the index of the photographic sensitivity of a film, photosensitive surface or of a sensor, we speak of the ISO. Not everyone will know that ISO means International Standard Office, but even less, especially those who have little time in this photography and if they have only shot digitally they will know that ISO is something new.

In the past, the ISO sensitivity values ​​were known as DIN (Deutsche Industrie Normen), and later it was renamed ASA (American Standard Association). The ASA and ISO values ​​are identical, just changed the name, but being handled in DIN, things were different, because when the sensitivity is doubled, the DIN value increases by three units, while in the ASA and ISO values ​​it is multiplied by two.
Then you have the equivalences between ISO-ASA and DIN.




and so on

As a curiosity to say that in the Soviet bloc used a different scale of sensitivities, called GOST (Gosudarstvenny Standart meaning state standard) that remained until 1987. The level ISO-ASA / GOST is this:





and so on

I hope you have found it curious this brief review that we have given to one of the most critical pillars of photography.

5 Tricks to Get Perfectly Focused Photographs

5 Tricks to Get Perfectly Focused Photographs
5 Tricks to Get Perfectly Focused Photographs

Some time ago we saw what the approach was and how to use it. Well, this time we will see some tips so that, if you have just leaped compact cameras, it is easier for you to get entirely focused images.

1.– Use the peripheral focus points of your focus screen. These are placed around the central point of focus (the most accurate) and offer the convenience of not having to change the frame to focus. But as in everything, there is a but; these peripheral points are less precise than the central location, so we can not obtain optimal results. Personally, I only recommend this technique for those who are newcomers to the world of SLRs, for more experienced photographers I recommend the approach method that follows.
2.– Frame, focus and reframe. We will use this technique when the subject we want to focus on the image is not in the center of it. As we said before, the central focus point of the viewer is the one that has the greatest sensitivity to the focus, so it is the point that we will use.

To do this we choose the final frame of our photograph and stick the top part of the viewer firmly to the eyebrow (this seems a bit complicated for those of us who have glasses …). Now, without moving the head or the body, and moving the camera while it is attached to the eyebrow, we place the central point of focus on the subject. We reframed and fired.
In this photograph I used the “Frame-Focus-Reframing” method
In this way what we have achieved has been to maintain the distance of focus with respect to the subject by not having moved. Thus, we will achieve a good focus on the subject, although I already told you that this technique needs a lot of practice to get us out correctly.
3.– Look for contrast zones to be able to focus. Sometimes, when we try to photograph a surface with little contrast, the focus goes crazy. This happens because the AF of our camera needs a contrast zone, where the lighting changes abruptly so that the camera identifies those points as focused points. If we try to focus with any of the points of focus on a surface too smooth our AF will go crazy. Therefore we will try to focus on an area with high contrast (inside our subject, obviously).

For example, if we want to photograph a smooth wall with a lamp and we want to place the lamp off center, we will have to use the framing, focus and reframe method (or the peripheral focus points) so that the focus point is placed on the lamp and So get a correct approach without having to use manual focus.

4.-Use the manual pre-focus. This advice applies to dynamic scenes, in which subjects move quickly and when we focus, the subject has moved and is out of focus. To understand it I will give a practical example.

Let’s think that a dog comes to us and we want to take a picture of him in front while he runs. In AF mode, the camera focuses on the dog, but by the time the picture is taken, it has already moved enough to make it out of focus. In these situations what we should do is focus in AF mode at a fixed point on the ground. We remember this point in which we have focused on taking some element of the ground as a reference. We change to manual focus mode, in this way, as long as we do not move, we will have the reference point focused. When the dog passes by that point we shoot.

In this way we will have the dog perfectly focused. Maybe not on the first attempt, but with a little practice and intuition is easily achieved.

5.– Use LiveView mode with manual focus. If our camera has LiveView mode we can use it to achieve a better focus in manual mode. For this we have to use the zoom button (the same one we use if we want to enlarge a photo in the camera itself) while we have the LiveView. In this way, we can obtain a detail of the area to focus and so we can “spin finer” with manual focus.

KRACK Puts The Security of Wi-Fi Networks at Risk WPA2

KRACK Puts The Security of Wi-Fi Networks at Risk WPA2
KRACK Puts The Security of Wi-Fi Networks at Risk WPA2

Protecting our signal Wifi has become a priority for many users, not only because we want to share our connection with anyone, but also prevent them from accessing the data we have stored on our computer. WPA2 security, with its different variants, has become one of the most used, leaving behind the WEP connections that did not offer the same encryption and security as the WP2 and which were also susceptible to attacks to decrypt the password. But according to a security expert, WPA2 networks have a vulnerability that allows access to devices that are not protected against it that are absolutely all available in the market.

This vulnerability affects smartphones, smart TVs, routers, modems, Blu-Ray devices any device that connects to the Internet and uses the security protocol WP2, a protocol that had demonstrated a virtually impenetrable security. The problem now is that to solve this vulnerability, and it is necessary for the manufacturer to release an update to address, an update has already begun to send some companies like Apple or Microsoft, protecting from this vulnerability all the devices that run their OS.

KRACK is a small application that gets into the communication between the devices when they try to link and can thus decrypt the password used. With the following example, you may see it more clearly. When we get to our house, our smartphone searches for the known Wi-Fi network to connect, in the process this application can sneak into the communication of the same and access the data stored in our device. But if only one of the devices is up to date and protected against that vulnerability, the process becomes impossible again as it has so far.
Most likely, our router will never receive a security update from the manufacturer, so at least we must make sure that our device, whether smartphone, tablet, computer if it is so that this way all information in our devices remains protected as long as this vulnerability has been detected.
According to Apple, this vulnerability was solved in the last betas it launched from iOS 11. However, Android users again are again hit hardest, especially all those whose version is Marshmallow or higher. Google claims that it has already put to work to launch a security patch, but as is usual in the Android ecosystem is very unlikely to reach all devices, as few are manufacturers who bother to release patches security for older devices.

Apple Launches a Battery Case for iPhone 6 and 6S

Apple Launches a Battery Case for iPhone 6 and 6S
Apple Launches a Battery Case for iPhone 6 and 6S

The problem of the battery of smartphones is a hard problem that many solve with an external battery or simply with a battery case. So far many of these cases with batteries are unofficial, but it seems that large companies are betting on it. So we have recently known how Apple has quietly launched its battery case for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. It is a case with a design but at the back, it has a package that is the battery of the terminal.

According to Apple itself, this case connects perfectly with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S giving greater autonomy, in the case of calls, up to 25 hours of conversation; 18 hours of Internet use with LTE and 20 hours of video playback. Something interesting because many will allow them to arrive at the end of the day without any problem of cargo or without needing to take the shipper to any place.

The battery case of Apple will cost $ 99 and can be purchased online because silently Apple has already uploaded to your store. Besides, this case with battery connects well to the terminals of Apple. Since in addition to allowing the load to the two devices, that is to say, it can be charged both with the case on and without it, the iPhone recognizes the case with battery and notifies on the screen when the terminal is using its battery or is simply using the battery in the case.
Unfortunately, this case with a battery cannot use any smartphone, or even any iPhone since its connector is Lightning and therefore is different from other terminals. We also know that this case works only with standard versions and not with the Plus versions because the evidence does not fit into the dimensions of the iPhone Plus.

The truth is that this case with Apple battery is fascinating and a pity that only available for iPhone 6, the price is not very high and undoubtedly many users would buy it for your Android smartphone if you could, in addition to the autonomy it offers It’s interesting, do not you think?

Samsung WB250F, Compact Camera With Latest Technological Advances

Samsung WB250F, Compact Camera With Latest Technological Advances
Samsung WB250F, Compact Camera With Latest Technological Advances

The Samsung WB250F is intended for an audience that is looking for a compact camera with the latest technological advances, an excellent optical zoom, 14.2 Megapixels and a wide angle to cover more field of vision in each picture.
Despite all its features, the camera has a user interface that guides us at all times and explains the different options we have available. Do you want to know what features we talk about?

The Samsung WB250F camera comes in a small box in which we can see in a few seconds its most remarkable features. Fortunately, the best thing is inside it so after removing the little seal and opening the packaging, the first thing that remains because of the user is the camera.
In our case, it is the WB250F in white, although there are other available colors: gray, red and blue.
At the bottom of the whole, we find more material accompanying the camera. Here we can see the USB wall charger, micro USB cable, documentation, the battery and a string that we will put in the chassis of the camera to secure it while we use it.
As you can see, the equipment is the classic that all cameras usually have so, first of all, we will need an SD card to be able to store all the videos and photographs that we make.

First impressions
After taking an initial look at the camera, we can see that it has a very cool aesthetic, being one of the most attractive in the market right now.
The white color helps to provide that pristine image of the well-finished product although it may be the least recommended color due to the dirt issue.
For its manufacture, Samsung has used plastic as the primary material that has been given a soft touch and a matte finish instead of the typical glossy plastic. Again, this point favors the overall finish of the product since having this camera in your hand is very pleasant.
After examining it externally, it is necessary to insert the battery, turn on the camera and start the initial configuration process. The most advisable thing is to set the language first so that the rest of the options are much easier to understand if we do not know English.
The camera is already set up in just a few seconds, and we can start using it as it deserves.

Management interface
To control the Samsung WB250F camera, we have a hybrid system that combines the classic buttons and the three-inch capacitive touchscreen.
The combined use of both will make navigating the camera interface become a virgin. For the menus, we may get better results through the four-way pad and the central button, however, the touchscreen seems necessary to enter text and select some more complex options that with the switches take more time to choose.
Of course, each one is free to choose the modality that best suits them, and that is where we see that this camera adapts to the needs of all types of users according to their preferences.
In the upper part of the camera we find the classic selector wheel that allows us to choose one of the different modes that the product offers when taking photographs:

  • Auto: the camera is responsible for selecting the type of scene that best suits the circumstances.
  • Program: allows us to take a picture with the settings that we have manually set
  • ASM: it is the manual mode in which we can give opening priority, shutter priority or adjust both values ​​manually.
  • Smart: the camera shows us different situations, and we choose the one that best suits our needs.
  • Better face: make several photographs, detect faces and show them to us so we can choose the one that interests us. Ideal to take pictures in a group and avoid someone leaving with eyes closed or clueless, that is, it is almost mandatory to use the tripod to prevent the background from moving.
  • Filters to edit photos and videos from the camera
  • Settings menu in which to configure the main aspects of the camera
  • Samsung WB250F, Compact Camera With Latest Technological Advances
    Samsung WB250F, Compact Camera With Latest Technological Advances

    to use the functions MobileLink, Remote Viewfinder, Backup, Email, AllShare Play, SNS, and Cloud.

Taking pictures with the Samsung WB250F
As we mentioned at the beginning of the post, we have a compact camera that allows you to make quality photos without frills by pressing the shutter button.

However, we find quite useful the ASM mode with which the user can play with the aperture and shutter speed to get fascinating results.

The macro mode allows you to approach the surface of objects almost until you touch them with the objective and the optical zoom of 18 increases is more than enough to capture objects that are at a considerable distance without losing quality in the final photograph.

For night shots it is likely that we need the help of a flash and for this, the Samsung WB250F incorporates one that protrudes from the body of the camera when we press a button behind the shutter release button. To save it, we will only have to push down, and it will be protected until the next time we use it again.

In short, the photos taken with this camera are excellent in all aspects thanks to the versatility of the Samsung product. If we want simplicity, we just have to activate the automatic mode, and if we prefer something more complicated, this camera offers a large number of ways and parameters that we can modify at will.

Wi-Fi connectivity for everything
Another of the great attractions of this camera is its Wi-Fi connectivity that we can use for very different tasks.
For example, we can send the photos we make with the WB250F to our Smartphone through the Samsung Smart Camera application. This application can also be used to control the camera remotely, ideal to use the phone as a remote trigger, being able to see the photo made on your screen without having to go to the camera.
We also have other possibilities such as transferring the photos to the computer wirelessly, sending the images by e-mail from the camera itself or viewing the snapshots through a device compatible with the AllShare Play protocol.

Undoubtedly, the Samsung WB250F is a compact camera that offers the latest technology and connectivity to make photos easy, regardless of our knowledge in this world.
Its price is around 220 euros although in the network there are already some stores that offer it below the barrier of 200 euros.

NVIDIA Will Not Upgrade Its Shield Tablets to Android 8.0

NVIDIA Will Not Upgrade Its Shield Tablets to Android 8.0
NVIDIA Will Not Upgrade Its Shield Tablets to Android 8.0

NVIDIA is one of the companies that opted for the tablet format in its beginnings. These models that are focused – of course – on games have always been models highly demanded by users. However, their prices are not the most popular, and for less active users in the gaming sector, other alternatives are much cheaper.

However, the longevity of these devices is also associated with the updates they receive. And apparently, both the Shield tablet (a model released in 2014) and the K1 (the most recent model dated already in 2015), will not see any update to the latest version of the Android platform, better known as Android 8.0 Oreo.

This has been confirmed by NVIDIA software chief Manuel Guzman, who corroborated the information through his Twitter account. Now, lime and sand, both models will soon receive a software update. But they should be content to accept Android 7.0 Nougat, perhaps the most famous numbering these days. He also commented on his Twitter account that support for both models will not end and that they intend to continue sending security patches for as long as possible.

On the other hand, it is not that the company does not bet on the latest version of Google’s mobile platform. We have recent moves in that regard since in August the company did point out that Shield TV will receive its necessary update. We assume that sales and attractiveness for this type of equipment are higher than that of tablets lately. And the 4K content that is so fashionable is one of the attractions of this NVIDIA team. NVIDIA is also likely to be more focused on launching NVIDIA GeForce Now, its streaming video game platform.

Analysis of Mars Gaming MGL1 Glasses

Analysis of Mars Gaming MGL1 Glasses
Analysis of Mars Gaming MGL1 Glasses

Nowadays videogames have improved a lot, they are more complex, they have much more detailed graphics, they require more dedication and they make use of new technologies, but this has its disadvantages too, one of them has been dragged from the beginning of this industry , the screens.

As much as now the screens are not as harmful as they once were, by requiring more dedication or dedicating more time to this type of entertainment our vision is affected whether we like it or not, especially after long intensive sessions and in poor lighting conditions.

To solve this problem and prevent irreversible damage to our vision we must take certain protections, and I, as a gamer user, decided to check for myself to what extent the gaming glasses are useful or not.

Glasses that block the “high frequency” blue light coming from modern screens and thus prevent tiredness and dryness of our eyes as well as protecting us from future injuries by spending hours and hours looking at a screen? And all this for less than € 20? Come now!

That’s what everyone (or at least me) thinks when we read the description of this product, you know, the unknown miracle that they say is a placebo effect but that actually does nothing.

Nothing is further from reality
My surprise comes from the moment I put them on for the first time, at first you think “well, it seems that it looks better”, also if you are not used to wearing glasses the notes all the time, but as it is the first time the most Probably because you just bought them and that’s what you expect, however, as time goes on you get used to them, they are light, comfortable and although you do not believe it yourself … they work!
After about 4 or 5 days using them (especially if you are one of those who play with low light) you realize that you really do not notice how your eyes dry when it is getting dark, you do not have to be wetting them every 2 minutes because it costs you to close them, and you do not have to lower the brightness of the screen, because although it costs to believe it, the glasses allow you to see the screen with all comfort and your eyes do not react negatively to it as up to now, you can throw yourself all the time what you want and your game session (or any other activity that requires intensive use of a screen) will not be hampered by the “eyestrain”.
Today I can not play without them, at least not for a long time, if I do that discomfort returns in the eyes that forces me to stop every X time and end up finishing what I was doing in front of the screen to rest, without doubt this product will help those who are working or playing all day in front of the screen, and it works with any type of light.

How does it work?
As you will have seen in the photograph of the previous section, you can see an intense blue reflection that comes from the glasses, this happens for the following reason, to take the photo I used the flash to post, from the flash of my camera the lenses of these glasses have passed all the frequencies of light except blue light, the latter has bounced off the lens producing that reflection in the white background that EYE, as you can see is a pretty intense reflection, that same blue light that you are seeing the white background is the light from which these glasses would have protected our eyes from having worn them, and the difference is seen from looking at a screen until looking at a light source, we will notice that everything has a warmer tonality and yet let’s stop seeing the blue color, that’s why these glasses do not negatively affect our gaming experience.

Which Microphone to Choose to Make a Perfect Recording

Which Microphone to Choose to Make a Perfect Recording
Which Microphone to Choose to Make a Perfect Recording

Choosing a microphone is not an easy task. As it usually happens in everything related to technology, the cheap in the end is expensive, and expensive does not guarantee that it is the best for your purposes. The offer of microphones is huge, and the different types of micro are well suited to some needs but are not suitable for others. Dynamic or condenser? XLR or USB? Omnidirectional or Cardioid? In this article, we will show you what the different types of microphone and in what situations are more appropriate are. In this way, you will be able to choose with less risk to make mistakes and knowing in what you are spending the money. Because not always spend more means that you will have best results.

Types of microphone
There are many ways to classify the microphones but here we are going to focus on the most important ones:

  • Depending on the type of connection: USB or XLR.
  • According to their directionality: omnidirectional or directional.
  • According to the type of membrane: dynamic or condenser.

Usually, when one starts in the world of recording, it is fixed first on the USB microphones. They are cheap and offer you everything you need without having to buy other accessories. The USB microphones are connected to your computer through the cable they incorporate, and you can start working with them. However, everyone who decides on this type of microphone will finally leap the XLR. USB microphones offer poor build quality, at least those that are within the most affordable price range, and the audio you get with them is also of low quality. They are usually microphones, therefore suitable for occasional use without great demands.

XLR microphones usually offer many more alternatives when choosing the model, and although the microphone itself is usually not expensive (although there is everything) needs more accessories to connect to your computer. A mixer is required that is connected via USB to which you will connect the microphone, or at least an XLR interface easier than the mixer. A few days ago I was reviewing the Behringer Q802USB mixer that for price and performance is an excellent option to combine with this type of microphones. In return, when you want to change the microphone you can quickly do so while keeping the rest of the equipment, and the sound quality you get will be much better.

Omnidirectional or directional
Depending on how they pick up the sound you can choose between omnidirectional (from all directions) or directional. Within these the most common is the “cardioids,” so called because they capture the sound like a “heart,” giving priority to what is right in front of it and ignoring what is just behind it.
Omnidirectional microphones offer a massive variety of sounds as they capture everything around them. So they are ideal when we want precisely that, but if we ‘re going to be only heard from us without disturbing the passing cars On our side, we must then choose a cardioid micro that just captures our sound and rejects the rest.

Dynamic or condenser
The dynamic microphones are very robust, and they will last you a lifetime unless you mistreat them intentionally. They are also resistant to moisture. They do not need an energy source to operate, which is very interesting, and they also handle high volumes very well without distortions. They tend to be less sensitive to the noises that surround us, but they are very apt to produce “papers” an annoying little noise that occurs when pronouncing the letter “P” and that is easily eliminated with an “anti-pop” filter.
The condenser microphones have a higher audio quality but as long as it is recorded in optimal conditions. They are very sensitive and pick up all kinds of noise. So if you record in a studio with the padded walls and quietly the result will be excellent. But if you do it in your room, as a rule, they will give you more of a headache because it will capture all kinds of vibrations, echoes, noise from the outside.
Examples of microphones
The Samson SAGO Mic is a perfect example of what a USB microphone can offer us. It is a condenser microphone, and it can be omnidirectional or cardioid thanks to a switch that it has on the side. A very tight price (€ 35-40), a very simple handling and an ideal design to always carry with you. A single USB cable to connect to your computer serves to give you enough power to operate, and also has a headphone output to monitor the audio. However, the sound quality it offers is enough to accompany small video recordings but not to achieve optimal results.

The Blue Microphones YETI microphone has long been one of the most recommended for podcasting. A price not very high (€ 125-150) and its USB connectivity make it an excellent candidate for those looking for something simple and affordable. It is a large membrane condenser microphone, which means it will catch the last fly flying in your room. Although it offers the possibility of selecting different patterns (omnidirectional, cardioid, bidirectional, etc.) it is advisable to use it in places equipped for recording and thus avoid annoying echoes and other noises.

One of the most affordable and reasonable results (for the price you have) is the Behringer Ultravoice XM8500. A dynamic and cardioid microphone with XLR connection that will be more than adequate for most situations. I am the one I use with the mixer that I indicated before, and the result is quite good, without capturing the echo of the room. As with this type of microphone, the pope is a problem, but it can be minimized by speaking at the proper distance or by buying a filter. It has a price of € 19.90 on Amazon that makes it an ideal choice to start with your recordings.

One of the most affordable and reasonable results (for the price you have) is the Behringer Ultravoice XM8500. A dynamic and cardioid microphone with XLR connection that will be more than adequate for most situations. I am the one I use the mixer that I indicated before, and the result is quite good, without capturing the echo of the room. As with this type of microphone, the pope is a problem, but it can be minimized by speaking at the proper distance or by buying a filter. It has a price of € 19.90 on Amazon that makes it an ideal choice to start with your recordings.

One of the best options for podcasting recordings is without a doubt the Shure SM58 microphone. As the previous one is dynamic, cardioid and XLR. The audio quality it gets is excellent, and that’s why it’s the choice of many podcasters, rock bands and even preachers in the United States. Apparently, its price is higher than the previous model that I mentioned, reaching € 125 on Amazon.

7 of The Best External Batteries We Can Buy Today

7 of The Best External Batteries We Can Buy Today
7 of The Best External Batteries We Can Buy Today

Most users have complained about the battery of our mobile device since the day we bought it. Luckily in recent times have proliferated the power bank or external batteries that have made life a little more comfortable, taking us out of many problems and allowing us not to run out of battery in our terminal at any time. For those who do not know what we are talking about, these devices are small portable batteries that allow us to charge our smartphone or tablet at any time and without depending on having a plug nearby.
Today there are hundreds of models of external batteries in the market, ranging from ridiculous prices to very high prices, depending in most cases of their capacity, but also depending on their design or even the manufacturer. So that to acquire one of these devices is not for you a headache today we are going to show you 7 of the best external batteries of the best that are available in the market.
If you need to buy an external battery or are thinking of giving it to a family member or friend this Christmas, take out paper and pen, and especially pay close attention to all the devices that we will show you throughout the article. Also, we will give you some small tips to help you get acquainted when purchasing your power bank. Get ready that we started.
Xiaomi Power Bank (16,000 mAh)
Xiaomi does not officially sell its devices in too many countries, although fortunately if they are available through third parties. One of the star gadgets is undoubtedly its power bank, with a capacity of 16,000 mAh. Which can charge for example two smartphones in a contemporary way (in this case the load power is limited to 3.6 A, which is divided between both, but if you use only one you can load it at 2.1 A) and it also has a little price.
With a beautiful and reduced design, this device can be the perfect companion for any trip, and that will allow us never to run out of battery on our smartphone or another device.
EC Technology (22,400 mAh)
If we are looking for an external battery with a massive capacity and that allows us several charging cycles, the perfect choice is without a doubt the EC Technology that offers us 22,400 mAh.
The huge amount of mAh that it offers us, along with three USB ports, does not prevent us from finding a compact (8.1 x 2.4 x 16.1 centimeters) and slim design that allows us to carry this battery in almost any pocket or bag.
Its price despite what you can believe is not at all high and is that we can buy for only 29 euros. Who does not want to have a superpower bank for a handful of euros ?.
Energy Sistem 420056 (10,000 mAh)
One of the significant problems with external batteries is that we usually lose the cables used to connect the power bank to the devices. The Energy Sistem, with 10,000 mAh solves these problems and is that it has the built-in cable and allows to collect it merely to avoid losing it. It also allows us to correctly perform several charging cycles without any problems thanks to its huge amount of mAh.
Its design is also one of its great strengths and is that this small and compact device is available in various colors. The price is quite low, although in the case of this model we could say that it is not as cheap as other versions that we can acquire.

RAVPower (10,400 mAh)
As we have already said in the market, there are hundreds of different models of external batteries that are similar at the same time. However, some of them are differentiated by small details that are interesting and sometimes decisive for us to lean towards buying one or another device.
For example, the RAVPower that offers us a capacity of 10.4000 mAh has an iSmart technology that allows the crashing of the devices at high speed. For example, the charge of our smartphone unlike with another power bank will occur faster.
It also officially has a life exceeding 1,000 load cycles, which is something positive and suitable for any user.
Its price is also a significant advantage and is that we can buy this RAVPower through Amazon for 22.90 euros.

Aukey (3,000 mAh)
When external batteries made their first appearance on the market were large devices, which offered us very few load cycles and had a fairly high price. Today there are many powers bank of all kinds and hundreds of designs. This Aukey of 3,000 mAh is an example of this.
And is that with a small size and a fair charge to be able to charge almost any smartphone fully, will be presented as the perfect travel companion. Also, its price of fewer than 10 euros invites, for example, that we acquire a battery of this type and another of larger dimensions and capacity for better occasions.
You can buy this Aukey external battery through Amazon for a price of 9 euros.

Nauc (30,000 mAh)
A large number of users are given the same design of their external battery, and all they are looking for is that it has a large capacity. If you are one of those, this power bank will fall in love with you, and it will offer you nothing more and nothing less than 30,000 mAh that will allow you to charge your mobile device or tablet in a lot of occasions. You can be the perfect complement for that trip to nowhere and in which you will not have access to the electric current that allows you to charge your different devices.
Manufactured by Nauc, does not have the best design or the most successful, but that is in an entirely secondary plane to look at the available mAh. Its price is another of its significant advantages and is that unlike other gadgets of similar characteristics is not too high.
You can buy this external battery signed by Nauc on Amazon for a price of 30 euros.

Mr. Wonderful (2,600 mAh)
To close this list with the best external batteries that we can find today in the market, we have not wanted to forget the one that will fall in love with your design and leave you a little indifferent for its price and capacity. We are talking about the power bank of the well-known Mr. Wonderful brand that with a beautiful design will allow us to show off and show off our battery at any time and place.
Unfortunately, its capacity is only 2,600 mAh, which for example will not be enough to fully load a large number of mobile devices on the market. Its price also shoots up to 25 euros, although it is quite usual to find it with the odd discount.
If what you care about your new power bank is the design, you can buy this precious Mr. Wonderful through Amazon in the following link.

Our advice
After seeing the entire list of external batteries that we have shown you, we could not leave without giving you a series of tips that we believe can be useful and interesting. First of all, we must strongly recommend that you buy a device with a large capacity that allows you not to have to charge it, like your smartphone every day. Also in the case that someone else needs to charge your smartphone or tablet you can offer some of your mAh. In the case that you buy a power bank with a beautiful design, but a reduced capacity you should only charge your terminal, and also with total security you should connect it every night to the current.
Another important advice is that you buy your external battery in a well-known and recognized store, since more and more this type of devices proliferate in Chinese stores, from where they take weeks to arrive, and in many occasions, they do not do it in the normal conditions. Its price is usually much lower than what can be found in our country, but the quality is also really different.

In short, we could tell you that you should look for a good and quality battery, pretty if possible without being the most important, cheap and exceptionally high capacity so that we can make several charges to our smartphone or tablet. If we can also find a gadget with some other features such as fast charging, resistance to water or other things better than better, but I believe sincerely that should not be the most important in any case.