Analysis of Mars Gaming MGL1 Glasses

Analysis of Mars Gaming MGL1 Glasses
Analysis of Mars Gaming MGL1 Glasses
Analysis of Mars Gaming MGL1 Glasses

Nowadays videogames have improved a lot, they are more complex, they have much more detailed graphics, they require more dedication and they make use of new technologies, but this has its disadvantages too, one of them has been dragged from the beginning of this industry , the screens.

As much as now the screens are not as harmful as they once were, by requiring more dedication or dedicating more time to this type of entertainment our vision is affected whether we like it or not, especially after long intensive sessions and in poor lighting conditions.

To solve this problem and prevent irreversible damage to our vision we must take certain protections, and I, as a gamer user, decided to check for myself to what extent the gaming glasses are useful or not.

Glasses that block the “high frequency” blue light coming from modern screens and thus prevent tiredness and dryness of our eyes as well as protecting us from future injuries by spending hours and hours looking at a screen? And all this for less than € 20? Come now!

That’s what everyone (or at least me) thinks when we read the description of this product, you know, the unknown miracle that they say is a placebo effect but that actually does nothing.

Nothing is further from reality
My surprise comes from the moment I put them on for the first time, at first you think “well, it seems that it looks better”, also if you are not used to wearing glasses the notes all the time, but as it is the first time the most Probably because you just bought them and that’s what you expect, however, as time goes on you get used to them, they are light, comfortable and although you do not believe it yourself … they work!
After about 4 or 5 days using them (especially if you are one of those who play with low light) you realize that you really do not notice how your eyes dry when it is getting dark, you do not have to be wetting them every 2 minutes because it costs you to close them, and you do not have to lower the brightness of the screen, because although it costs to believe it, the glasses allow you to see the screen with all comfort and your eyes do not react negatively to it as up to now, you can throw yourself all the time what you want and your game session (or any other activity that requires intensive use of a screen) will not be hampered by the “eyestrain”.
Today I can not play without them, at least not for a long time, if I do that discomfort returns in the eyes that forces me to stop every X time and end up finishing what I was doing in front of the screen to rest, without doubt this product will help those who are working or playing all day in front of the screen, and it works with any type of light.

How does it work?
As you will have seen in the photograph of the previous section, you can see an intense blue reflection that comes from the glasses, this happens for the following reason, to take the photo I used the flash to post, from the flash of my camera the lenses of these glasses have passed all the frequencies of light except blue light, the latter has bounced off the lens producing that reflection in the white background that EYE, as you can see is a pretty intense reflection, that same blue light that you are seeing the white background is the light from which these glasses would have protected our eyes from having worn them, and the difference is seen from looking at a screen until looking at a light source, we will notice that everything has a warmer tonality and yet let’s stop seeing the blue color, that’s why these glasses do not negatively affect our gaming experience.

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