7 of The Best External Batteries We Can Buy Today

7 of The Best External Batteries We Can Buy Today
7 of The Best External Batteries We Can Buy Today
7 of The Best External Batteries We Can Buy Today

Most users have complained about the battery of our mobile device since the day we bought it. Luckily in recent times have proliferated the power bank or external batteries that have made life a little more comfortable, taking us out of many problems and allowing us not to run out of battery in our terminal at any time. For those who do not know what we are talking about, these devices are small portable batteries that allow us to charge our smartphone or tablet at any time and without depending on having a plug nearby.
Today there are hundreds of models of external batteries in the market, ranging from ridiculous prices to very high prices, depending in most cases of their capacity, but also depending on their design or even the manufacturer. So that to acquire one of these devices is not for you a headache today we are going to show you 7 of the best external batteries of the best that are available in the market.
If you need to buy an external battery or are thinking of giving it to a family member or friend this Christmas, take out paper and pen, and especially pay close attention to all the devices that we will show you throughout the article. Also, we will give you some small tips to help you get acquainted when purchasing your power bank. Get ready that we started.
Xiaomi Power Bank (16,000 mAh)
Xiaomi does not officially sell its devices in too many countries, although fortunately if they are available through third parties. One of the star gadgets is undoubtedly its power bank, with a capacity of 16,000 mAh. Which can charge for example two smartphones in a contemporary way (in this case the load power is limited to 3.6 A, which is divided between both, but if you use only one you can load it at 2.1 A) and it also has a little price.
With a beautiful and reduced design, this device can be the perfect companion for any trip, and that will allow us never to run out of battery on our smartphone or another device.
EC Technology (22,400 mAh)
If we are looking for an external battery with a massive capacity and that allows us several charging cycles, the perfect choice is without a doubt the EC Technology that offers us 22,400 mAh.
The huge amount of mAh that it offers us, along with three USB ports, does not prevent us from finding a compact (8.1 x 2.4 x 16.1 centimeters) and slim design that allows us to carry this battery in almost any pocket or bag.
Its price despite what you can believe is not at all high and is that we can buy for only 29 euros. Who does not want to have a superpower bank for a handful of euros ?.
Energy Sistem 420056 (10,000 mAh)
One of the significant problems with external batteries is that we usually lose the cables used to connect the power bank to the devices. The Energy Sistem, with 10,000 mAh solves these problems and is that it has the built-in cable and allows to collect it merely to avoid losing it. It also allows us to correctly perform several charging cycles without any problems thanks to its huge amount of mAh.
Its design is also one of its great strengths and is that this small and compact device is available in various colors. The price is quite low, although in the case of this model we could say that it is not as cheap as other versions that we can acquire.

RAVPower (10,400 mAh)
As we have already said in the market, there are hundreds of different models of external batteries that are similar at the same time. However, some of them are differentiated by small details that are interesting and sometimes decisive for us to lean towards buying one or another device.
For example, the RAVPower that offers us a capacity of 10.4000 mAh has an iSmart technology that allows the crashing of the devices at high speed. For example, the charge of our smartphone unlike with another power bank will occur faster.
It also officially has a life exceeding 1,000 load cycles, which is something positive and suitable for any user.
Its price is also a significant advantage and is that we can buy this RAVPower through Amazon for 22.90 euros.

Aukey (3,000 mAh)
When external batteries made their first appearance on the market were large devices, which offered us very few load cycles and had a fairly high price. Today there are many powers bank of all kinds and hundreds of designs. This Aukey of 3,000 mAh is an example of this.
And is that with a small size and a fair charge to be able to charge almost any smartphone fully, will be presented as the perfect travel companion. Also, its price of fewer than 10 euros invites, for example, that we acquire a battery of this type and another of larger dimensions and capacity for better occasions.
You can buy this Aukey external battery through Amazon for a price of 9 euros.

Nauc (30,000 mAh)
A large number of users are given the same design of their external battery, and all they are looking for is that it has a large capacity. If you are one of those, this power bank will fall in love with you, and it will offer you nothing more and nothing less than 30,000 mAh that will allow you to charge your mobile device or tablet in a lot of occasions. You can be the perfect complement for that trip to nowhere and in which you will not have access to the electric current that allows you to charge your different devices.
Manufactured by Nauc, does not have the best design or the most successful, but that is in an entirely secondary plane to look at the available mAh. Its price is another of its significant advantages and is that unlike other gadgets of similar characteristics is not too high.
You can buy this external battery signed by Nauc on Amazon for a price of 30 euros.

Mr. Wonderful (2,600 mAh)
To close this list with the best external batteries that we can find today in the market, we have not wanted to forget the one that will fall in love with your design and leave you a little indifferent for its price and capacity. We are talking about the power bank of the well-known Mr. Wonderful brand that with a beautiful design will allow us to show off and show off our battery at any time and place.
Unfortunately, its capacity is only 2,600 mAh, which for example will not be enough to fully load a large number of mobile devices on the market. Its price also shoots up to 25 euros, although it is quite usual to find it with the odd discount.
If what you care about your new power bank is the design, you can buy this precious Mr. Wonderful through Amazon in the following link.

Our advice
After seeing the entire list of external batteries that we have shown you, we could not leave without giving you a series of tips that we believe can be useful and interesting. First of all, we must strongly recommend that you buy a device with a large capacity that allows you not to have to charge it, like your smartphone every day. Also in the case that someone else needs to charge your smartphone or tablet you can offer some of your mAh. In the case that you buy a power bank with a beautiful design, but a reduced capacity you should only charge your terminal, and also with total security you should connect it every night to the current.
Another important advice is that you buy your external battery in a well-known and recognized store, since more and more this type of devices proliferate in Chinese stores, from where they take weeks to arrive, and in many occasions, they do not do it in the normal conditions. Its price is usually much lower than what can be found in our country, but the quality is also really different.

In short, we could tell you that you should look for a good and quality battery, pretty if possible without being the most important, cheap and exceptionally high capacity so that we can make several charges to our smartphone or tablet. If we can also find a gadget with some other features such as fast charging, resistance to water or other things better than better, but I believe sincerely that should not be the most important in any case.

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